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About George W. Bush is a bisexual, babee!

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George W. Bush is a bisexual man.


Leola McConnell, Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada (who has been endorsed by WMR). McConnell is a one-time professional dominatrix.

"President Bush's speech to the nation Monday. If he doesn't say he's a gay American or at the least a bisexual one then he shouldn't be making one at all. And the notion that it would be in regards to writing bigotry into our nation's Constitution is reprehensible. Too bad it isn't me doing the rebuttal because in 1984, I watched him perform (with the enthusiasm of homosexual male who had done this many times before) a homosexual act on another man, namely Victor Ashe. Victor Ashe is the current Ambassador to the nation of Poland who should also come out like former Governor McGreevey of New Jersey and admit to being a gay American. Other homo-erotic acts were also performed by then private citizen George Bush because I performed one of them on him personally.

I am the woman this website (http://bushssecretlifein84.tripod.com/) speaks of that has been posted on the net nearly two years now. None of this would be the business of anyone but President Bush's little ruse to save his failed presidency by using DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] to divide Americans one from the other has to be exposed as the act of a desperate closeted homosexual man. The only crime in being GLBT is in the hiding. The President needs to come clean with the American people about his own past sexual behavior before he tries to besmirch the humanity of people in search of sincerely committing to the same bonds of matrimony he's afforded. He violated his own vows of monogamy having a homosexual affair with a long time family friend of whom his wife had no knowledge. His hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

I had planned to run for governor of Nevada without going into any of this but his planned nationally televised address to the nation makes it necessary for me to address his attempt at division in as public a way as he picked to try this Bushification of reality regarding same sex marriages.

Leola McConnell
Liberal Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada"


The Truth about George W. Bush

Here you will find out the little known truth concerning President George W. Bush, Victor Ashe, the current American ambassador to Poland (formerly mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee and Exec. V.P.; C.F.O. of Fannie Mae), and their adulterous-bisexual relationship with a Las Vegas woman in 1984.

This situation took place in 1984 in the State of Tennessee. It concerns a 41 year old woman [currently residing in Las Vegas], Victor Ashe and George Bush's encounter in 1984 during the senate debates between Al Gore, Jr., Victor Ashe and Ed McAteer. She was invited to come to Tennessee by Victor Ashe. While attending one of these debates she spoke briefly with Ed McAteer (Senatorial candidate in 1984 who debated alongside Al Gore, Jr. and Victor Ashe, and was responsible in part for the emergence of the Religious Right).


So now we know the identity of at least one of the bisexual married men whom Jeff Gannon was servicing/being serviced by during his many unauthorized visits to the White House. Add to him Ken MEHLman!, Scottie-Dog McLellan, Karl Rove, and Crooked-Dick Cheney.
 It's a miracle that while servicing all those guys Jeff Gannon/Guckert actually found time to do some hack conservative Republican journalism.

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Date:June 5th, 2006 08:23 pm (UTC)
This sentence confused me. "Other homo-erotic acts were also performed by then private citizen George Bush because I performed one of them on him personally." (said the woman.)

Does this mean she stuck a dildo up his butt, or what?

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Date:June 6th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)
No, silly, she had a strap-on!
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Date:June 6th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)
If I had to guess... that is what I would say...
or that she made him suck her dildo with reckless abandon.
Bring it on!
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Date:June 6th, 2006 03:37 am (UTC)
I think it's time someone held a contest.

A slash fiction writing contest.

The stars?

George W. Bush and Victor Ashe

Georgie's nickname of "The Shrub" should of course be part of the story.
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