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A press release from videosmut pastmaster, and gonzo journalist extraordinaire Jack Fritscher. I have several wild and woofy Palm Drive videos and they're right up among my favorites. And there just isn't a cleverer name possible for a smut purveyor, IMHO. Too bad the video production is shutting down, and I wish the release had more info about why they decided to close. I imagine it's impossible to remain competitive among video production studios now - there's so much amazing manporn out from slick studios such as Titan and even small niche outfits like BearFilms. Jack's Old Skool, impeccable taste in models reflected the working man ethos, and his raw camera style has a way of getting under/between a hot fucker's legs and making it look like the biggest, nastiest meat in the world. The Palm Drive videos that I have totally suit my taste as a macho smut hound. Ironic - probably now there'll be a bit of a run on PDV items on eBay.


Palm Drive Video Closes: First San Francisco Video Company, Shot First Bear Videos

On October 24, 2005, Palm Drive Video, the first video company founded in San Francisco (1982), shuttered its doors, closing down its website, its 800 number, and PO Box. Palm Drive Video, rebranded by legendary "Drummer" publisher Anthony DeBlase in 1988 as "Jack Fritscher's Palm Drive Video" supplied many covers, centerfolds, and interior photographs to "Drummer."
Fritscher was the founding San Francisco editor in chief of "Drummer" from March 1977 to December 31, 1979. He was also "Drummer"'s most frequent contributor during 25 years in 62 of "Drummer"'s 200 issues. Featuring mostly blue-collar San Francisco locals over age 30, Palm Drive Video produced nearly 200 feature-length homomasculine leather videos - actually
inventing and shooting the first bear genre videos - which have sold more than 100,000 copies. Many of the Palm Drive Video features, including bear-driven Folsom Fair documentaries dating from 1984 onwards, and Lazy Bear Weekend, as well as gallery videos of mythic blue-collar artists such as the Hun, Rex, Domino, A. Jay, and Skipper, are in the permanent collections of many GLBT archives including the Leather Archives and Museum of Chicago. Two Palm Drive documentaries of New Orleans photographer George
Dureau are in the collection of the Maison de la Europeenne de La Photographie, Paris. In 1994, Fritscher wrote the erotic-bio of his
bicoastal lover, the controversial photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, titled "Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera." With his partner, Mark Hemry [with an M], he is archiving the Palm Drive Video catalog, and is completing fifteen years' work on his 1000+ page book titled "Eyewitness Drummer: A Memoir of the Gay History, Leather Heritage, Pop Culture, and Literary Roots of the Best of Drummer Magazine" due in 2007. His two most recent books of literary erotica are the nonfiction "Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch's Mouth" (University of Wisconsin Press, April 2005) and the Haworth Press edition of "Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982" (October 2005). Palm Drive Video publishing, which produced the best-selling "Tales from the Bear Cult," remains fully in business.
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